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A toilet in a clean, modern-looking bathroom with white brick walls.

How Do I Know When to Buy a New Toilet?

Toilets aren’t the most glamorous parts of our homes. When you designed your bathroom or purchased your house, you probably didn’t pay much attention to your toilet — and you most likely still don’t think about it all too much. However, there will eventually come a time when this inconspicuous yet critical plumbing fixture needs to be replaced.

So, how do you know when to buy a new toilet? There are a few telltale signs that can suggest the time has finally come for an upgrade. Let’s discuss some noteworthy factors that can help you understand when to replace a toilet.

How Long Does a Toilet Last?

When it comes down to it, how long a toilet lasts can depend on a few factors, such as the material it’s made out of and how often it’s used. For example, porcelain is known for being a durable material, so porcelain toilets can sometimes last upwards of 50 years with average use. Of course, this doesn’t mean your toilet is immune to occasional issues. You may find yourself needing to repair or replace specific components over the years.

What Are the Signs You Need a New Toilet?

While toilets are typically designed to last a long time, they cannot last forever. Like any other part of your house, these critical plumbing fixtures must be replaced at one point or another. How do you know when to buy a new toilet? Let’s go over some notable red flags to look out for.

Serious Cracks

If you’re unsure when to replace a toilet, you might want to start by thoroughly inspecting the fixture. Although some cracks in the porcelain — such as those in the toilet seat — can be repaired, others will require you to replace the entire toilet. For instance, cracks in the toilet tank can waste a significant amount of water. This is never a good thing, especially if you want to lower your water usage.

Cracks located far down on the bowl can be a significant problem, as they will most likely result in leaks and can cause water damage inside your home.

Frequent Clogs

It’s no secret that a clogged toilet can be embarrassing, frustrating, and worrisome to deal with in equal measure. Unfortunately, these blockages can also sometimes indicate the need for a new toilet installation. So, how do you know when to buy a new toilet when it comes to clogs?

All-in-all, you’ll want to consider replacing this important plumbing fixture if you’re experiencing frequent clogs. Recurring clogs are more common in older low-flush toilets.

Costly Repairs

When learning when to replace a toilet, don’t overlook the significance of frequent repairs. If you find yourself constantly having to call plumbers in Faribault, MN, to repair your toilet, it could be a good idea to replace the entire fixture.

Various parts inside the toilet — including the fill valve and flapper —can become faulty and require replacement. Although these components are usually easy to fix, they can become burdensome (and an unexpected expense) when they occur over and over again.

Poor Efficiency

Believe it or not, high water bills can be one of the most common signs of a bad toilet. Most types of older toilets can use up to five gallons of water per flush, which is no small amount — especially if you have a large household. Fortunately, investing in a new, low-flush toilet can improve your water savings. Nowadays, toilets need to be designed so that they only use 1.6 gallons per flush.

The good news is that there are many types of water-efficient toilets on the market. For instance, dual flush toilets provide two options for flushing liquid and solid waste, which can help reduce the amount of water you use.

Replace Your Toilet With Help From the Pros

How do you know when to buy a new toilet in your home? As you can see, there are a few telltale signs that you can watch out for to know whether or not the time has come for a replacement. Hopefully, this guide has made it easier for you to know when to replace a toilet.

Whether you’re interested in saving more water or simply want to replace your circular toilets with elongated bowls, it’s crucial to turn to experts you can trust for a job. That’s where Connors Plumbing & Heating comes in. Our plumbing professionals offer a wide range of services, including toilet installations, to keep your home running smoothly.

So whether you need help with a toilet upgrade or a complete bathroom remodel in Mankato, MN, we have you covered. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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